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The Walled Garden, Moreton

See sculptures in spectacular walled garden setting
01 April - 19 September 2021
during the Dorset Art Weeks 22 May - 6 June 2021
The Walled Garden

The exhibition opens 22 May during the "Dorset Art Weeks' 2021, one of the largest open studio events in the country. It brings artists and visitors together in ways that are often remarkable and profoundly different from entering a public gallery. I am pleased to be invited to exhibit 3 artworks, including 'SCRUMPLE' and 'AURANGEL', at the The Walled Garden for the first time this year, a beautiful five-acre landscaped formal garden situated in Moreton on the River Frome in a beautiful setting, opening 1st April. The exhibition opens 22 May during the launch of Dorset Art Weeks and will continue throughout the summer until late September with a range of diverse work from various artists.
Thanks to curator Sandy Kirkby for inviting me.

"This will be the third Sculpture at The Walled Garden exhibition and it’s a real treat to be able to show the work of some really talented sculptors in such a beautiful setting. This year we have selected work that shows the scope of sculptural and creative processes from traditional sculpting techniques like stone carving, casting and ceramics to kinetic art.*
Sandy Kirkby , Curator
The Walled Garden Moreton, Dorchester Dorset DT2 8R
Dog-friendly - free parking - free entry
Bookings: Tel 01929 462243

A compsition of drape and fruit as a circular suspended artwork
SCRUMPLE’ 2017 is my favourite of the three sculpture which I am exhibiting at the ‘The Walled Garden’ exhibition. It is a fabulous flowing, circular composition and is a celebration of the bronze mesh that I use to make the sculpture. The title suggests that the mesh has been scrumpled into a fabric and then fruit added, becomes part of the circular motif and I love the way that the circle in the middle, empty space frames the nature that you can see right through the sculpture.
On a more personal note ‘SCRUMPLE’ takes me back to when I was a child when I used to go with other kids from the street to steal apples - hence the word scrump, scrumping. And we used to climb the fence into the fields and fit as many fruits into our T-shirts, into the fabric as we could possible fit and then escape!
Contemplation in a Buddha face portrait, copper bronzemesh
The ‘BUDDHA HEAD’ or portrait is designed to create an opportunity for a few moments of quiet contemplation between the sculpture and the viewer. The Buddha face is a study for a much bigger Buddha artwork which is installed at the Buddha-Bar, Knightsbridge, London, and I did a series of different faces before I finally decided on the transcend character of the sculpture.
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A sculpture of a copper-coloured angel floating
AURANGEL’ 2021, an angel sculpture with a female body is one of my recent winged artworks and is designed to be something that you come across as an apparition. The title is a fusion of ‘angel’ and ‘Aurora’ as in ‘aurora borealis’ which is an apparition of light up in the sky and I thought this was a very suitable comparison to draw that the ethereal and spiritual transparent quality of the angel was a surprise.
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