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Nude girl sculpture on title page for art catalogue David Begbie - Solo Show 2021

italy united-kingdom
Solo Exhibition 2021
Cris Contini Contemporary Galleries
Il Salotto di Milano, Italy
18 pages

Sculptor Begbie working on a wire-mesh sculpture - shadow projections

italy united-kingdom
Solo Exhibition 2017
ContiniArtUK, London
120 pages

Title of brochure presenting corporate steel sculptures depicting a floating ship sculpture made from white wire-mesh

united-kingdom Selection of large-scale modern sculptures for companies

David Begbie Catalogue 2015/16 - Wire-Art

italy united-kingdom
Solo Exhibition 2015
Vecchiato Arte, Italy
41 pages

David Begbie Infor and Art Critiques Card with nude sculpture on London skyview

David Begbie 'Art Critique Selection'
& short info flyer

Info Card (2 pages)

David Begbie Sculpture Catalogue - Wire-Mesh

united-kingdom 'DAVID BEGBIE'
Solo Exhibition 2011
Albemarle Gallery, London
28 pages

David Begbie Catalogue Australia - Transparent Wire-Art

united-kingdom 'DAVID BEGBIE'
Solo Exhibition 2011
Australian Galleries,
Sydney and Melbourne
2 pages

David Begbie Catalogue Singapore - Wire-Mesh-Sculpture

united-kingdom 'SKIN DEEP'
Solo Exhibition 2010
Ode To Art Contemporary, Singapore
104 pages

David Begbie Catalogue Holland - Wire-Mesh figurative art

netherlands Interview 2011
Solo Exhibition 2010
'De Schaduw(spel) Sculpturen van David Begbie'
2 pages

David Begbie Italian Catalogue exquisite steelmesh body sculpture

italy united-kingdom
Solo Exhibition 2010
Vecchiato Art Galleries Padova, Italy
21 pages

Black woman torso made of wired mesh - suspended with shadow projection

united-kingdom ‘GENII’
Solo Exhibition 2008
Albemarle Gallery, London
28 pages

David Begbie Leaflet wiremesh sculpture "CRUCIFIX" 1994

united-kingdom Leaflet
2 pages

red body on yellow background - detailshot of modern wire sculptures

united-kingdom Solo Exhibition
12 pages

three nude male figurines made of wire-mesh

united-kingdom Brochure
‘David Begbie’ 2003
10 pages

David Begbie Sculpture Catalogue 1994

united-kingdom Brochure 1994
17 pages

David Begbie Sculpture Catalogue Body of Work - Steelmesh Sculpture

united-kingdom Catalogue
Fire Station Gallery, Sydney 1994
6 pages

David Begbie Catalogue 1994 The Catto Gallery

united-kingdom Catalogue
The CATTO Gallery, London 1993
8 pages

David Begbie Sculpture Examples 1985, Text by Edward Lucie Smith

united-kingdom Examples of Sculpture
London Knightsbridge 1985
5 pages

David Begbie 1987-1992 The Phyllis Rapp Mesh Art Collection

'Phyllis Rapp Collection'
48 pages

David Begbie Steel-mesh sculpture Catalogue 1994

united-kingdom Catalogue
'WORKS 1987 - 1988'
Limited Edition
27 pages

red cover of art catalogue with Tristán title

Tristán Exhibition
Mallorca 1986
15 pages (extract)

David Begbie Sculpture Catalogue of steelmesh bodies 1984

united-kingdom Inaugural Exhibition
Brompton Gallery, London, 1984-85
15 pages

David Begbie Interview, Chinese

hong-kong Interview 2012
Life Style Magazine ANJA, China
5 pages

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