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Example artworks on this website

This website shows examples of artworksas an inspiration. Please enquire about availibility and pricing by email or call.

We are happy to suggest further artwork solutions not featured on this website. If you let us know the desired size, subject and colour we might be able to suggest the perfect sculpture solution.

If you wonder how a "Begbie" sculpture would look in your environment you can share a photo of the space you envisage your new artwork plus by email and we can super-impose appropriate sculpture suggestions into your room (photoshop mock-ups).

Purchase & Shipping

Payment methods

We regard all of our sales as part of an ongoing relationship and we will always want to ensure that you are happy when you receive your piece and that you continue to enjoy your purchase. We understand that it is crucial that you are able to enjoy the artwork in your home or work environment without worry.

We prefer payment by bank transfer when you receive our invoice. If you would like to spread the cost of your purchase, we can offer interest free payment options.

The sculptures look delicate but are intrinsically very strong and we provide a secure posting and shipping service anywhere in the world. We use couriers and freight forwarders with professional packing.

Shipping will be at cost, and we will obtain a quote for your approval, though many of the smaller works will be shipped free of charge.

We however advise you to check on local taxes and import duties which may be applied in your state or country.

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By appointment

Visitors are very welcome by appointment - please get in touch by E-Mail or call Tel +44 (0)20 7232 1023 arrange a viewing and we'll let you have directions how to reach the studio in London. Parking and disabled access both are available.

Alternatively a virtual visit (via video call / WhatsApp / Signal) can be arranged.


Sculptor and Technique

Inspiration to many people

David Begbie discovered the particular properties of steel- and bronze mesh as an art student in 1977. Since then his work has been exhibited globally and has been an enormous inspiration to many people, including architects, designers, photographers, world of theatre and dance as well as to other artists. His work has been imitated and copied worldwide and since his first London Solo Show in 1984 a whole genre of steel-mesh art has emerged.

Wire mesh is transparent – 90% thin air, yet it has as a much greater physical presence than any conventional solid sculpture. Begbie’s skill, perception, understanding and imagination are succinctly and economically contained within the confines of the simple shell that constitutes his sculpture.

Mesh Sculpture

The catalytic effect

The real thrill of Begbie’s work is the experience of seeing it „in the flesh”, the sculpted bodies are powerful, erotic, tactile, and intimate. For the viewer this material adds intrigue yet is somehow familiar; when you first experience Begbie’s body sculptures you are curious to know how the perfection of form is achieved.

On looking further you become familiar with the properties of the medium - the wire mesh creates a liveliness and sense of movement that is further enhanced by the use of shadow projection with lighting.

Look again closely and you see that there is not even a skin, only a graphic delineation of one. In relation to the space it occupies, the catalytic effect a Begbie sculpture has, in any setting, given that it has no palpable substance or surface, is phenomenal.

Begbie says of his sculpture “each work is an entity which has a far greater physical presence than any solid object could possibly have because it has the power to suggest that it doesn’t exist.” You have to touch a Begbie to make sure it does.

Optical Vibrations

Laws of melody and rhythm

"For David Begbie material is everything. The membrane-like wire mesh sheets that he uses provide the surface of the work; a well constructed exterior that has a far deeper resonance with the artist than that of mere appearance. What is of particular interest is the link that Begbie makes between music and the material that he adopts. He talks of the “universal language” of music, indeed the laws of melody and rhythms are the same, the world over, and find direct correlation between the function of music and that of the wire mesh. The mesh itself is, in essence, a grid of strings; for the artist they are reminiscent of the strings used in instruments. David Begbie talks of the way in which the mesh surfaces function as “optical vibrations”; in the way that music travels through sound waves, David Begbie’s works present a visual form of vibration. Oscillations and frequencies that make up the surface of the mesh bodies can now be understood as physical manifestations of the intangible world of vibrations."

Panel Sculpture

A new Artform

The introduction of strategic lighting as an integral part of a particular composition has the most remarkable result where the combination of two and three dimensions, with the use of projected shadows, produces an optical fusion of image and object. It is from this phenomenon that Begbie developed his flat steel, bronze and brass sculptures which can be fabricated on demand - a fine art limited edition of 9 plus artist proofs. Begbie envisaged these works as existing and occupying a space between the three dimensional sculpture and the shadow itself, and in the process has created another new art form in two dimensions.

The limited edition sculptures (flat artwork) are a mixture of sculpture and photography: To produce one of the sculptures in flat steel panel, David must first have made a unique sculpture. Its photograph is then etched out of metal panel.

The portraits are even more of an amalgam of the two disciplines, with David using the mesh to hold the features together. This new art-form was developed in 2005 has enabled David to explore the potential of a single artwork, using colours and different formats to produce variations in mood and effect.

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