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Silver totem-sculpture  for the airport Stansted, London


Acrobatic totem sculpture, dimensions 180 x 45 x 20 cm
SAS Radisson Hotel
London Stansted, UK

SAS Radisson Hotel, Stansted Airport, UK
Waltham Close, Stansted, CM24 1PP

Hotel commission for reception area: Steel-mesh sculpture of two acrobatic figures, suspended within in a glass case.
The artwork can be viewed from both sides which reveals the multi-facetted nature of the piece and of the medium. The fibre optic lighting highlights the form of the sculpture giving it an ethereal appearance. The piece fits perfectly with the hotel’s different and refreshing approach to accommodating the public.
Hotel Radisson is already known for its outstanding luxury and customer service. The hotel has the first wine tower in Europe, which is 13 metres tall and houses 4,000 bottles of wine. It is an impressive centrepiece adorning the 19 metre tall atrium which in itself is something of a masterpiece, completely open plan and with hotel rooms looking out upon the various restaurants and cafes, it creates a particular ambience in which to relax and enjoy the hotel.
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My sculptures have no palpable substance or surface. At first glance they appear to be a metallic membrane but when you take a closer look they are not even a skin - they are instead a delineation of surface and form, modelled and drawn in three-dimensional space.
David Begbie