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’MUUN’ 2020

’MUUN' 2020 is a semi-transparent stainless steel panel sculpture, suspended / wall-mounted or can be presented free-standing on a small steel base.
Different lighting such as sun or day light, torch light or projected spot light project stunning shadows. 58.5 cm diameter, a limited fine art edition of 9 is now available.

Black and white logo for the Aldrin Art Space Foundation
Recommended by the "Aldrin Art Space", an initiative created by the Aldrin Family Foundation.
The Foundation is run by Andrew Aldrin, son of Apollo 11 legend Buzz Aldrin. More info on and in social media: @aldrinartspace
Thanks to Jan Pulsford for her music: “Echoes” to Jan Pulsford.
More music:

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The distinction I make between art and design is that a design object is utilitarian and designed to be used whereas an art object is ‘useless’ other than being a work of art - as Pablo Picasso once said “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
David Begbie / Pablo Picasso